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Asian Food Near Me Find Top 3 Asian Restaurant in Flushing

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Asian Food Near Me – Sometimes you need a weekend getaway to other place and taste the local cuisine there. So, to be able to find Asian food near me based on your desire is truly needed. If you are going to Flushing this weekend and you wonder on how to get a proper food in Asian cuisine theme, you can try these three recommendation from us. Brace yourself.

Asian Food Near Me

1. Tandoori Hut Asian food near me

Tandoori Hut is best known as one of the most awesome Indian restaurant in Flushing. Offered large portions, people have to order the rice and the naan separately. In addition, the restaurant will give them tons and rice when the customer do ask about it. Some people stated that the curries are a bit greasier than other Indian places, but this is the point of this excellence. The lamb is a signature dish there so you mustn’t miss it.

2. Asian food near me Curry Height

For the first, I’d like to say that the waiters at Curry Height are very nice. One review from online application said that a customer wanted butter chicken but he didn’t see it on the menu. When the waiter heard of it, they were replying it with very humble and good response. Basically, they have a great service there and the food, I can say, is incredible. You cannot beat the lamb recipe here since it is really authentic after all.

3. Asian food near me New Asian Food

Well, as I can see from New Asian Food is the food in it came out very good! Their naan is fresh baked and the aroma is tasteful even you haven’t taste it. This restaurant has the fluffiest and the softest naan you will ever had in your life. The waiter will bring you a basket with 3 pieces in it even if you are alone or bring your date (only 2 people). Here, you may forgot what the dish name is but you will not forget very tasty food you just had.

The recommendation of Asian food near me is based on several consideration and reviews from people in multiple online application. In special occasion, you can also get discount or free caterers. So, you can pick one of them and go grab your purse or wallet to ask your friends out there. Have fun and have a nice weekend, everyone!

Best Asian Food Near Me Delivery :

People, you can taste signature dishes such as dumplings, bean paste and many more by going to Flushing. So, if you are interested in doing Asian food near me delivery, here are several recommendation for you!

Hao Xiang Ju Asian food near me delivery

First of all, I really love the food here. Hao Xiang Ju Asian food near me delivery offers delivery and take out for their dear customers as well as dining in. People who have been ordered there at least twice will eventually be their regular customers. Believe me, their  spicy tasty and authentic food will highlight your family gathering above all. My favorite dish there is bitter melon with chili black bean sauce.

If you want to order here, you can see that their location is at Downtown Flushing, Flushing, 133-51 37th Ave, Flushing, NY 11354. Just dial their phone number at (718) 353-8998. You know, best bang for the buck because it is literally true since it’s a cash only establishment. So, you need to give tip too for the delivery man. The arrangement of the food on the round dishes is totally great and that is even accompanied by the fresh and good ingredients every day. What a good thing to have for your tummy!

Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan Asian food near me delivery

Hunan Kitchen of Grand Sichuan Asian food near me delivery really own their style! You can taste absolutely delicious Hunan style cuisine since the menu is all on set as signature dish. From traditional to modern Chinese food. So, when you are craving for some Hunan taste, you just need to go across town to this place. They give you sterile gloves so that you can go ahead and pick up the chicken with your hands without worry! Moreover, the sweet potato french fries is the best you can eat for all time!

If you don’t want to wait for the table since it is crowded everyday, you can also dial the restaurant phone number here at (718) 888-0553 to get delivery service. This restaurant is located in Downtown Flushing, Flushing, 42-47 Main St, Flushing, NY 11355.

So, come and join other people this week! Asian food near me delivery is one of favorite service in the city so that you, as tourist, don’t need to go out and join the queue since you can wait in your very own hotel room!

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